What Kids Need to Succeed at the Best Schools

Equipt Your Child for Success: Essential Tips for Education at the Best Schools

Find Out the Key to Your Child’s Success at the Best Schools

Your child’s education is probably your number one priority. As it should be. But even after you get
your child into one of the best schools in your area, it still takes focus and determination to help them
succeed and reach their fullest potential.
So what sets one child apart from another when it comes to succeeding or failing in school? What
skills does a successful kid have when it comes to mastering their education and making the most of
their academics?

Your Child’s Education: 5 Essential Keys to Success

According to Education.com and Sharon and Craig Ramey, the authors of Going to School, there are a
few qualities that a child needs to succeed at even the best schools.1 And guess what? The good news
is that these qualities for success at the best schools can greatly be influenced by parents!

1. Hunger to Learn: Successful students at the best schools love to learn, explore, and
discover. You as a parent can cultivate this curiosity at home by always encouraging
exploration and education. This sets the perfect foundation for educational success once your
child starts attending school.

2. Ask Questions: You’ve probably heard the saying that there’s no such thing as a stupid
question. And that truth becomes even more valuable when it comes to teaching your kids to
always maintain their curiosity and ask questions so that they continue learning.

3. Put in the Hard Work: When a child is willing to work hard, then they’ll get results in their
education. A child needs to be instructed that learning is a challenge, but it will pay off with
the reward of good grades, graduation, and eventually a great career.

4. Parents as Role Models: This is where you come in as a parent! You don’t have to be perfect
or even have a PhD, but if you also have a hunger for learning, then your child will pick up on

5. Attend the Best Schools with High Expectations: It does make a difference if your child
attends one of the best schools with high expectations placed on them. When teachers and
parents stay in constant communication, it will help a child to meet and even exceed their
educational goals because of the solid support system they have both at home and at school.

So there you have it! Those five keys will make a world of difference in setting your child up for
success at any of the best schools in your area. But it doesn’t stop there…

Proper Nutrition Can Boost IQ

Yes, you heard us right. Recent research from FoodfortheBrain.org confirms that giving your child
proper nutrition can make or break their success at even the best schools. In fact, children that have
learning or behavioral issues can greatly improve their focus, concentration, and grades when given
essential supplements. IQ scores can also increase when kids are given multivitamins.2

When kids eat a balanced breakfast that is low on the glycemic index and low in sugar, it greatly
improves their behavior and concentration at school.

So in addition to developing the educational skills listed above, you can
seal the deal and equip your child for success by giving them the
valuable nutrition that they need to focus in school each and every day.

A drink like Kidz 5 A Day is packed full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes,
and amino acids to boost brainpower and give your child the five
servings of fruits and veggies they need in every glass.

Kidz 5 A Day contains vegetables like organic wheat grass and organic
alfalfa to lower blood pressure and boost immunity so that your child
won’t have to worry about missing extra sick days from school that will
interfere with their education. Kidz 5 A Day is also full of healthy organic
fruits like grapefruit, lime, and lemon to give your child the calcium,
copper, folate, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamin B6 they
need to improve their intellect and focus at school each and every day.

Kidz 5 A Day is the perfect tool for any student to use at school to
greatly improve their IQ, performance, and confidence every day with a
complete glass of balanced nutrition.

Here’s what one young student had to say about drinking Kidz 5 A Day at school:

I first tried kidz 5 a day at assembly in school when the head teacher invited the kidz 5 a day
team in to do a taste test. I love the taste :-)

So i went home and pestered my mum to let us get some and now I have to tell all the other
parents to get some to stop my friends drinking mine! I think I should get an award for being
your best (and youngest) sales women.
-Rosie Singha


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