I remember watching a movie many years ago that talks about the Rhinoceros. They can be found in Africa and Asia- but are known more for being in Africa. They do not have any natural predators in the animal kingdom. Not only are they built with a thick plated skin, they have a deadly horn at the end of their nose. Although they have poor eyesight, they make it up with a strong sense of smell. Besides all those characteristics, their biggest strength is their fierce and focused attitude. They do not have any fear. If there is one animal that is great to emulate, it would be the Rhinoceros. This is what makes the book,”Rhinoceros Success”, by Scott Alexander a great book to read on a regular basis.

This is not a long book. In fact, you can read this book in one sitting. If you are serious about success, you should be reading this book on a regular basis. Its brevity and simplicity are its strength. As we all know that repetition is the mother of a skill, you can acquire the skills and spirit of a Rhinoceros. Why should you acquire the spirit of a Rhinoceros?

Because Rhinoceros have no fear and they do not go around hunting other animals, this is why you should get that spirit of a Rhinoceros. They are vegetarians and spend a lot of time grazing on the fields. When you do bother them unnecessarily, they will let you know how they feel. They do not even fear fire. They do not even fear hunters who are after their horns.

This book takes a hilarious yet profound twist on becoming a Rhino. When you have that Rhino attitude, you will succeed in any field or endeavor. Reading this book opens up your mind to get that Rhino attitude. It also discusses on why you should have that Rhino attitude. There is a difference on being a Rhino or a cow. Not many wallets are lined with Rhino skin. Many wallets are made out of cow (leather) skin. Although cows graze like Rhinos, cows do not have that Rhino attitude. When you bother a cow, they just let out a “moo”. You want to be more than a cow. You should be a rhino.

There are many books on success and motivation. This is one of those books that should be in your library of success. Also, this is one of a few books that should be read and re-read to ensure that you become a practicing Rhinoceros.

As an author, Pascasio Felisilda recently published the book “Nanay: Lessons from a Mother”. This is a very inspiring book. Its simplicity empowers the message and story about a legacy that is worth living. 

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