When we think about Buddhism or the dharma, we probably don’t think about money.

But when the Buddha laid out guidelines about how to make an ethical livelihood, this didn’t preclude material success. Then how we can bring Buddhist principles to an area of our lives that can create so much fear, greed, and dread??

Spencer Sherman is the founding CEO of Abacus, a values-driven financial firm, and certified mindfulness teacher. He teaches the Fearless Finance program and The Mastery of Money program for NYU’s Inner MBA program. He is also the author of The Cure For Money Madness.

He talks about:

How to identify and reframe our potentially harmful beliefs about money

How to apply the Four Brahma Viharas to having a healthier relationship with our finances

How to use the RAIN technique when we become anxious about money

Spencer’s ‘Enough Practice’ designed to give us a sense of equanimity

How generosity helps us let go and can create a sense of abundance

How mindfulness of money can key us into interconnection

And whether you can actually be a successful investor if you’re guided by Buddhist values!