You want to learn from the best, learning from people who are living the life that you want.

If you like listening to Anthony Robbins/ Richard Branson then you will understand that the digital economy is the future.

Consistent results comes from consistent marketing.

There are free marketing and it is slow and unpredictable, you must develop a brand which will take more of your time.

Main stream businesses have to market so do digital marketers.

Once you have a quality product you will be confident in marketing.

Don’t be scared to loose money. Detach yourself from money.

Be consistent with your budget and mix up paid marketing and track it and it’ll give you return on your investment and you can scale it up.

In the back round build up your organic market which will generate a brand.

Quick results=create a marketing budget.

Its either going to cost you in money or time.

Commit big emotionally, know your why, focus on your vehicle really give it everything and make it happen.

When a method works you scale it. First test your campaigns that will give you conversions. Watch the trends and put your money into the campaigns that work.

Only 20% of your campaigns are going to work, once you find one that works you can reinvest and scale up your business.

Test-Scale up-Reinvest-Rinse-Repeat