We finally found the recipe for the lemon and garlic cleanse:

  1. A milder procedure allows you to continue eating your normal healthy diet but each day you take a mixture of garlic and lemon. In a blender vitamise the following: about 30 peeled cloves of garlic, 5 lemons with skin (cut into smaller pieces), and some additional water. After blending rinse the blender with some more water and bring the mixture to boiling in a non-metal pot. Let it cool, strain and bottle the lot, keep refrigerated. Aim to have about 1 Liter of liquid, the more creamy it is the better.
  2. Take a liqueur glass or about 30 ml of the mixture once or twice a day with a meal for 3 weeks. You may either continue doing this until you believe your blood vessels have sufficiently improved, or interrupt for a few weeks and then have another round of the mixture. Continue this until you can assume that your arteries are clean.

Many Clients cholesterol has significantly decreased afterward.

If you actually boiled everything first and let it cool before blending…it was a bit easier this way.  We also took the mixture once a day with our evening meal for 2 weeks, then took one week off before resuming for the third and final week.

If you squeeze the lemons and grab the pips, then chop the peel and toss in the pot along with the extra water. Use a coated pot that can go on the stove – not aluminum for sure (turns the garlic green).

Also if it finishes up thick, like limoncello and is too strong to drink straight – dilute it with hot water and 1/2 tsp of honey. It has about 5 calories (not including the honey) and 1 L makes 50 servings (enough for 25 days).