Currently, i juice every 2nd day. The juicer i use is a regular standard centrifugal juicer, by no means the best to use but this is where i am right now. My aunt has a Matestone auger juicer which is fantastic but my budget isn’t flexible enough to stretch this far quiet yet…

I juice any fruit and veg that i can get my hands on really, my mother grows tomatoes , courgettes , carrots and apples so i juice these and add some ginger or orange juice/lemon juice or even celery if its in the kitchen.

I also take Acai berry which i buy in freeze dried pouches. As well as this i take a powerful chlorophyll supplement that i came across about 5 years ago.

My routine is i eat juice and fresh fruit as much as i can only up to mid-day.

From midday,i eat solid nutritious food.

From 8pm onwards, i don’t eat anything. This routine allows for elimination of waste to occur in the morning and digestion to happen from 12-12.

The main thing to remember is you cannot build beautiful, sparkling normal 20-20 vision, youthful eyes with dead, refined, de-vitalised, de-mineralised and de-vitaminised foods. Alcohol, Coffee, Tea, Refined white sugar and refined white flour….foods that have been processed or embalmed with chemical preservatives and additives…hydrogenated fats…steal the strength and vitality out of your eyes.Image

I will return in future posts to the subject of nutrition for eyes again to elaborate.