Sleep Well

Recommended 8 hours a night 


  • A quiet environment
  • A freshly made up bed
  • Dark except for a dim lamp
  • Cool and fresh room
  • Comfortable Pajamas


  1. A bedtime routine which lets your body know it’s time to sleep. A hot drink, a short reading from a book that relaxes, a bath/shower are all things to start the body and mind to unwind.
  2. Lavender promotes sleep. A client of mine likes to light a nightlight that brings a relaxing lavender scent in her room..
  3. Designated room for Sleep. Consider setting up your house so that your bedroom is only used for sleeping or relaxing. Your brain will enter alpha state in this room.
  4. Electronic Devices on the contrary are Beta or higher frequency. These should be reserved to the living area away from your sleeping area.
  5. Relax your mind with  a body scan meditation.


Feng Shui offers insight into bed position for a better nights sleep.