Our health is coming under attack every day. What is quietly, subtly, yet catastrophically changing our lives? Simply stated it is poor diets and inactivity. These two conditions result in unhealthy lifestyles and slowly, but surely, chip away at your good health.

A plan is necessary to combat these enemies and achieve optimum health. When I sit own to plan my health-enhancing program I break my plan into 3 essential elements; 1) diet, 2) supplements and 3) exercise. These three elements aren’t just important for fat loss or weight management; they are crucial keys to establishing a healthy lifestyle.


This doesn’t mean we should all jump on the fad-diet band wagon. Instead, we just need to make smart choices in our every day diets. Unfortunately, we live in the fast food age where cheap fried meals are taking the place of mom’s home cooking. These foods are filled with bad fats, fillers and high-glycemic carbohydrates. If we truly understood the ingredients in these foods and their harmful effects, we would not even give them to our pets. End the cycle and begin preparing healthy food at home. Trust me, it will pay off.

Smart food choices need to extend beyond mealtimes. Hunger often sets in when you work through lunch or are unable to grab something to snack on, but this often leads to a vending machine full of empty calories. Plan ahead and carry healthy snacks with you, like apples, carrots or yogurt. Be sure to drink plenty of water in between. Each of these little changes result in a big payoff to your health.