Using Mind Maps to keep track of your goals

You must keep a physical record of your goals when goal setting. You can just write them down but there is a far more effective technique that taps into your creativity. You need your goals to be:

  • Visual
  • Structured
  • Memorable

These are three cornerstones of Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping that we mentioned earlier.

Mind Mapping creates a graphical representation of your thoughts on a single page making use of images, colour and most importantly associations between ideas. Create a Mind Map and put it on your wall and you will be able to see all the elements of your goal at a glance and remember them.

Mind Mapping takes time to master with pen and paper. Probably the biggest hurdle that most people find is that their artistic abilities do not match the pictures in their head. For goal setting you will be looking at the Mind Map repeatedly over time so need it to be pleasing to the eye.

Luckily help is at hand. ThinkBuzan have developed a piece of software called iMindMap. This follows all Buzan’s principles very closely, making it intuitive to use.