This is a great and worthwhile action and can be done in your home or office, in your life and spiritually too. The very act of cleansing brings with it intentions that can change anything you would like to be different.

Decluttering is a particular form of cleansing that I have come to love doing in my own life. Every so often I feel the need, as if everything around me is too close. Usually a pointer for me is having a diary that’s too full, or I realise I have double booked myself. Over time this has repeatedly happened just before a major clear out, so now I recognise it and start the process myself before the Universe stops me in a chaotic way!

Decluttering allows us to look at our surroundings and inner self and review what we have. Anything that’s still needed, has a purpose or is cherished can stay, but anything that has served its purpose or has no meaning can go. The idea is to stand back and observe without emotion what this object/feeling/habit means to you.

Whenever we have a clear out, we create space for new, positive energy to come in. If life is too crowded we cannot bring in the new no matter how hard we try!

Here are some decluttering tips to help you create the space for something new:

Start small – it can feel like climbing a mountain, so start with one drawer, or one habit. Gradually as you clear space you will have more energy, but at first you may find 15 minutes exhausting. Be gentle with yourself and do little and often.

As you go smudge your environment and yourself. If the past has been emotional or traumatic you will be dragging this energy up. Using white sage to cleanse your space allows you to honour and release the old.

Play your favourite music, enlist a friend or reward yourself with nourishing breaks – this should be a pleasant experience, no-one said it should be soul destroying!

A feng shui tip is to move 27 objects to create new energy.

Once you have cleansed an area light a candle, bring in crystals or fresh flowers. This adds vitality to your newly cleared space. You can also visualise the area being filled with golden light.

Declutter regularly so stuck energy doesn’t have time to build up.

This is a huge subject, but the tips above should help and start you on your way!