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Tumeric 7 ways to eat & drink

MEET TURMERIC Belonging to the ginger family, turmeric, botanical name curcuma longa, has been used in East India and the Middle East for thousands of years. Today, it is one of the most revered spices in the world.Holistic healers all… Continue Reading →

8km road race with my sister

Fresh off the course I feel energized and alive. Already planing the next race and joining a local club to even train on a regular basis. So what is it about running, it’s like a drug. You feel high while… Continue Reading →

Thought of the day

When we worry, we make problems bigger than they really are. Instead of worrying, accept whatever you have no control over, prepare wherever you can and choose happiness instead of worry!

Protected: Acai Berry

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Thought of the day

Courage is taking a step forward into an area of difficulty without a solution in mind, trusting that whatever help you need will become available.

Get On Track For 2015!!

Start Today ~ Where do you want to be in 1 year? ~ What do you have to do to get there? ~ Where do you start? Start here with me and together we will use proven techniques and strategies… Continue Reading →

10 ways to make meetings more effective

“That meeting wasted my time.”How often have you made this statement? The following tips, which apply both to attendees and the chair of the meeting, will help minimize the chances that you’ll be similarly aggravated. #1: Determine whether the meeting… Continue Reading →

Declutter and be amazed…

This is a great and worthwhile action and can be done in your home or office, in your life and spiritually too. The very act of cleansing brings with it intentions that can change anything you would like to be… Continue Reading →

Goal setting to focus your mind

Using Mind Maps to keep track of your goals You must keep a physical record of your goals when goal setting. You can just write them down but there is a far more effective technique that taps into your creativity…. Continue Reading →

Does having a neat or sloppy desk influence the way you think?

There seem to be two types of people in the world: those who keep their desks neat and those who don’t. Now, new research shows that whether your desk is messy or tidy may influence how you think.  In a… Continue Reading →

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