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Free Resources for Sedona Method

If you are interested in having a balanced and harmonious calm mind then i recommend you look into The Sedona Method. Its been around a long time and is a very practical and effective Method to help keep yourself well… Continue Reading →

What are you missing?

Miss Everything You can only be in one place at any moment in time. If you feel you are missing out on something then you are. But it’s not the party, or being with another person that you’re missing, it’s… Continue Reading →

Mindfullness and Money

When we think about Buddhism or the dharma, we probably don’t think about money. ‍ But when the Buddha laid out guidelines about how to make an ethical livelihood, this didn’t preclude material success. Then how we can bring Buddhist… Continue Reading →

Meditation on Money

Meditation on MoneyPublished in June 1994By Mitchell Thomashow During the 1980 presidential debates, Ronald Reagan held up a crisp, green one-dollar bill, and he asked the audience what they thought the value was. He proceeded to crumple it in his… Continue Reading →

Taking time to plan your day

Taking time to plan my day allows me to recognise potential potholes and have a strategy to move around them. Effective planning has a few steps. A. list out everything on mind to do on paper. B. prioritise 1 to… Continue Reading →

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