Fresh off the course I feel energized and alive. Already planing the next race and joining a local club to even train on a regular basis.

So what is it about running, it’s like a drug. You feel high while doing it and straight after that high sensation lasts for hours. We finished the race tonight over an hour and a half ago and I still am buzzing after it.

I used to run when i was younger, I mean much younger like 20 years ago as a juvenile. I ran with our local club North Cork AC and I will admit I loved it.

As I got older there were other sports which took my attention and they had more elements of team in them to attract my attention and keep it. Nowadays running clubs are growing from strength to strength and I can see from the few races that I have competed in that there is great support and camaraderie within the clubs and with other clubs too. It’s like everyone knows someone.

Tonight I ran the whole 8km race with my older sister who I might add had a baby 10 weeks ago…Go susieandbaby Brce has to get a mention of course. Susie was out running tonight like nothing was going to stop her. My only aim tonight was to keep up with the pace and finish together which I am proud to say we did. We kept a good average pace of 10.36 and finished in 52.42 minutes which is fantastic.

Needless to say we were both very pleased indeed…photos to follow.

While on the run there were a few notable moments that helped to keep me going…

There was an athlete doing the race in a wheelchair and he was a great motivation to see him painstakingly pull himself up the hill, then a few minutes later he would whizz past us again as we went downhill and he was cheering us on telling us we were doing great, it just shows how supportive people are and that athlete knew how hard it was for him and he encouraged the others around him sharing their pain as they ran.

It was nice to run with Susie my older sister as she had a good rhythm and a nice pace. We were able to chat in the middle miles and I enjoyed the chat, it took my mind off my stitch in my side. I also found out how her new baby foal got his name Henry…

Running with my sister was nice as I felt I could be my usual silly self a little without being too shocking, I find it nice to chat to people along the way and thankfully I have a great sister who does not find this one bit weird:).

We must have been smiling at all the cameras, I really liked the local support. I think seeing two numbers one after the other 27 and 28 let people see that we started and finished the race together and that we were having fun!!!

I think the race was a great success, the music at mile 4 gave an energy to the last mile and the downhill to the finish was refreshing and rewarding.

All in all a great evening and a nice experience for both of us. Well done us for following through and doing it!!!