In today’s environment more and more parents have less and less time to spend on preparing their child’s school lunch, and even when they do them it is limited as to what little Sean or Amy will eat.

The key here is to start with small steps, after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your children’s eating habits won’t change overnight, the first step is to identify the foods that your child is eating and that they are happy to eat, this is where you are starting from.

Next: Identify foods which will give your child optimum nutrition for the growth and development of your children both mentally and physically and help keep their diet healthy.

Once you have these, it is time to close the gap.  It is recommended to work with a nutrition consultant to ensure you can be sure you are accurate. Make the plan; work the plan allowing for the change.

To get started: Introduce Omega 3 rich foods in them form of nuts/seeds, almonds, peanuts, etc (unsalted). These are for brain function and help with ADD.

Introduce small changes like easy to eat sweet baby tomatoes, soft cheese wedges, put peanut butter in sandwiches instead of chocolate spread.

Get help with making the lunch box, the more involved your child is the higher the likelihood the lunch will be eaten.

Kidz 5 a day is a children’s drink which is packed full of green superfoods and phytonutrients from 33 different organic fruit and vegetables and gives your children their 5 a day in a simple drink.


Gillian Carver

Owner of Young At Heart Services