As i jogged in the park this morning, i noted the view from the hill-top, although tedious to jog up to this view was well worth the effort…

As my vision is getting clearer and clearer everyday, i thought it was tim eto share with you how i am getting on.

So here is the beginning of a fruitful journey to 20/20 vision naturally.

I started this journey many years ago when i was in college. on a recent visit to Specsavers where i got an eye test done about 10 years ago. the lady who tested me told me that in that test the results were -6 in both eyes.

This time around…the end of July on a Monday, i was tested as needing -4.5 and -4.25 with a slight astigmatism in one eye.

I took this result very well….my eyes were improving. I wowed to return in another 3 months to have my eyes retested, this would be the end of October/start of November.

In the meantime i am so happy and grateful to be living comfortably without glasses and almost doing everything i need to do, with the exception of wearing glasses for driving and some functions at work which require glasses.

I have already made a pledge to myself that by the time my retest comes around i will have improved my eyesight so that the -3 or preferrably -2 lenses are sufficient for driving. I know that in order to do this my eyes need the nutrition and exercise to heal themselves.

As the optician was witnessing, the muscles in my eyes were inflamed from the exercises so they are already on their way to being stronger and my eyes were adjusting. I also need to spend the time and effort in relaxing my eyes, which i find palming is the  most useful and beneficial..

I will post on nutrition for better eyesight and also touch on palming and then on some of the exercises that i have been doing so far.