“Gillian has an engaging personality which allows her establish and build trusting relationships with clients. She has worked hard to develop her coaching skills and is sincere and creative in her approach to supporting others. Her style while being honest and direct is also tempered by her delightful sense of humour.” February 18, 2010

Mary Foley, Owner, Mary Foley. Coaching Counselling, Facilitation.,
advised Gillian at LCBAI Course


“Gillian came along just when i needed her. I was anxious to start a healthy life regime as I had gotten out of the habit of exercise and watching my diet in a healthy way. Gillian introduced me to her Young at Heart Programme and I am delighted to say it has brought huge beneficial changes to my life. With her ‘gentle’ persuasion i am now looking at my diet and have reintroduced exercise into my life. she recommended that i practice Yoga by recommending another practitioner and every Saturday morning I’m off to my class. I have even bought a Bike !!! and cycle 3 times a week at least. Gillian has a warm professional approach to her business and has a great belief in what she does. One of my priorities is to have a Healthy Heart and I am very confident that once i stick with Gillian i will be doing the best thing possible to achieve this with her guidance. I cant recommend her enough. Thanks Gillian .” June 16, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.

Geraldine Lynch  hired Gillian as a Healthy Lifestyle Advisor in 2010


  “I have used the services of Gillian at Young At Heart Services and found  the experience and advice very useful and beneficial in my efforts to maintain a more healthy lifestyle. I know of others whom I have recommended to Young At Heart Services feel exactly the same way ! Regards, Brendan Gray.”

May 30, 2010 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Brendan Gray hired Gillian as a Health & Lifestyle in 2010


“Over the last number of years I have heard of several young people dying of sudden adult death syndrome including people who appear to be in peak physical health. When I heard that Young at Heart could carry out a test that will tell you the condition of your heart I decided to pay them a visit. The test itself only took several minutes but Gillian explained to me exactly how it works and what the results meant. We discussed my diet, level of fitness, blood pressure etc at length so that when I left I had an excellent dietary and fitness plan to keep my heart in top shape. I found Gillian to be very knowledgeable in all areas relating to the heart and to diet and nutrition. I would highly recommend to my family, friends and colleagues to visit Young at Heart so that they too can feel the peace of mind of having a healthy heart or indeed the early discovery of potential problems” April 28, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Cian O Laoithe  hired Gillian as a Health Check in 2010.


“Gillian and Young At Heart provide a really great service. I received information on food intake, exercise and relaxation in a way that was easy to follow and the plan that Gillian worked out with me has made significant changes in my health and fitness. I would highly recommend Gillian to everyone who is concerned about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

February 12, 2010 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Pat Roche hired Gillian as a health and wellness in 2009, and hired Gillian more than once.


“Gillian , Provides a wonderful services for anyone out there that is health conscious, I used her service recently and thought it was wonderful, non intrusive, and helpful, It is great relief to know your body is behaving the way nature intended”

April 23, 2010 Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

Paschal Rowland  hired Gillian as a Health check in 2010


“I am attending Gillian for 4 weeks now and I am following the simple guidelines that she has given me. Firstly the results of the tests she carried out made me more relaxed about the state of my health and secondly she has asked me to follow simple practices about my eating habits and the foods I eat. These are appropriate to busy people like myself that cannot get involved in complicated cooking and food requirements during the day. I am already feeling much more positive and energised.”

February 15, 2010 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Sean Dalton hired Gillian as a Nutritionist in 2010


“Gillian is an excellent business person to work with. She is very focused, disciplined, energetic and proactive about growing Young at Heart Services. Providing a very unique and cost effective service to her clients in healthy lifestyle and wellbeing, her business is developing steadily to becoming a hugely successful enterprise.”

February 12, 2010 2nd

Michael Noonan, Business Adviser and Coach, TGR worked directly with Gillian at Young At Heart Services


“I attended Gill Carver’s Sedona Method course for a six week period and found her to be an amazing instructor who seemingly had an endless amount of patience with me! Gill is very engaging and she made the course highly enjoyable; so much so, that I continue to work with her on developing Sedona Method facilitator skills. Gill, I am grateful for our work together and can without hesitation recommend your services to others in the community!”

Pattie Fahey Egan, Wellness facilitator, Client of Gillian’s January 2020 


Ann McIlraith“I met Gill when she attended my T’ai Chi class many years ago. Gill was an outstanding student. Later Gill attended a Sedona Method Course which I was hosting Gill loved Releasing and really understood the method. I always felt that she would be a great Facilitator and so I was delighted when she attended Hale Dwoskin”s course. I highly recommend Gill as a guide to the Sedona Method her enthusiasm and understanding will support your journey in the method.”

Ann McIlraith, T’ai Chi Teacher Reconnective Healing Practioner Open Focus and Neuro Feedback Trainer. Teacher Trainer to Gill, November 2011 to present. 


Anne Mulcahy

” Gill was a huge help to me when I wanted to improve my Social Media presence.  I found her knowledge and ability to listen and understand what I needed for my business very impressive. Some elements I found difficult to accomplish and Gill coached me through every step in her calm and relaxed way.  Gill is very creative and showed me various ways to accomplish my goals which I would never have thought about otherwise.  We had very productive and informative discussions which demonstrated to me her strong business sense. Gill is supportive and helpful, asks all the right questions, and makes you think of things you never would have otherwise.  In essence, Gill cares about her clients and it shows.  I highly recommend Gill has a coach and mentor”

Anne Mulcahy, CV Specialist and Career Coach, Anne was a Client of Gill’s in 2019.